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We (FxSoloBlast.Com) will need to Approve the offer first,Because We have established a reputation for only offering excellent goods and services
to our lists. We reserve the right not to email for you, if We don't feel that your offer is appropriate for our list.
Please note that your solo ads will only be sent after we discuss dates we have available.
Please allow 24 to 72 hours for all clicks to accumulate.

All policies, rules and regulations are the final decision of
FxSoloBlast.Com.  We reserve the right to modify, add or change any policies as we deem necessary at any time. All members agree that they will not hold FxSoloBlast.Com liable for any items or policies within this program.

There are NO Refunds and ALL purchases are Final. We are open and are willing to help with any issues that may arise and you can always open a Support Ticket. All items purchased in this site are NON-TANGIBLE. Once you made a purchase, you agree that you will never get a refund. We will NOT tolerate PayPal or Liberty Reserve disputes due to advertising/upgrade purchases! Your account WILL be deleted. By joining and paying for any paid portion of FxSoloBlast.Com, you agree to all the terms and conditions on this page.

Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed to limit FxSoloBlast.Com actions or remedies in any way with respect to any of the foregoing activities.

FxSoloBlast.Com reserves the right to take any and all additional actions it may deem appropriate with respect to such activities, including without limitation taking action to recover the costs and expenses of identifying offenders and removing them from the program.

In addition, FxSoloBlast.Com reserves at all times all rights and remedies available to it with respect to such activities at law or in equity.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We may also make changes to these rules, regulations, and policies at any time.

By becoming a Member  of FxSoloBlast.Com, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

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